Fireman Outfit
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Product Name: Fireman Outfit



Two pieces aluminized fire protecting suit are designed to protect against rediant heat while working in close proximity to fire. While not intended for entry, proximity suits reflect a considerate amount of radiant heat because of thir aluminized outer layers. This results in longer exposure times without adverse effects on the user.

The suites sonsist of

  • Aluminized fireman jacket
  • Aluminized fireman trouser
  • Aluminized fireman hood with transparent visor
  • Fireman helmet with visor
  • Fireman five finger glove
  • Overshoes with back opened
  • Insulated safety toe cap boot
  • Carrying bag

Water proof: Static hydraulic pressure ≥4000Pa
Tearing Strength: ≥32N
Stripping Strength (N/30 mm) : ≥9N
Length of Flame Retardant Carbon (2s)≤ 100mm
Approval: CCS Standard


  • Fire proof life line
  • Insulated fireman Axe
  • Fire proof torch light
  • Fire bucket
  • Fire hose
  • Breathing apparatus